If you are organizing a multi-lingual conference, you may find yourself with an overwhelming number of questions. How many interpreters do you need? Do they speak more than one language? How do you know they are reliable? Where can you find a venue? Do you need walking microphones? How should you arrange the meeting room? That’s where we come in!

We cover the entire value chain in conference interpreting:

Linguistic aspects:

Language regime: We help you decide how many languages are necessary and how to organise the team of interpreters efficiently, capitalising their know-how so that all languages are covered.

Type of interpretation: We advise you on the best interpreting solution for your event. The most common solutions would be simultaneous interpreting (in a booth, with a technician and technical equipment), consecutive (where the interpreter takes notes during +-6 minutes and renders the translation) or chuchotage/bilateral (during face to face meetings). We will help you evaluate the situation and combine all options to cater for your needs.


Technical equipment: Many venues already offer technical equipment. We help you analyse whether the equipment they have is what you need; if it is compatible with the interpreting equipment; whether it can be spatially arranged as you have planned.

Technicians: We work with experienced and certified technicians to guarantee our equipment is seamlessly installed in all possible venues taking into account your every need. They are also present during the entire event and are flexible enough to adapt to last-minute change3d, whenever possible.

Video and web streaming: The world is increasingly interconnected and very often participants want to participate remotely. We can also help with video and web streaming, including the interpretation into other languages.


We have a team of trusted and experienced translators who can help you translate all the documents and content before, during and after the event.